Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Halo: Reach

Hey guys sorry for not posting. Me and a couple buddies spent like four hours playing Halo: Reach today. Surprisingly we still haven't finished the campaign.

I do have a few things to say about it though.

Really love the ability to sprint, hated walking everywhere before.
Kinda liking the miniature wraith (w/e it's called)
Like that the battle rifle only one shots instead of 3-shot burst.
Some of the weapons visual reworks are great, others kinda suck.
Space Dog Fights =)

Anyways, I won't go on (because I probably could haha) we are most likely going to finish the campaign tomorrow and start on multiplayer and see how it's all been reworked, then I'll give you guys any tips, tricks, and anything else I find.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Runescape cooking for the F2P

so i figured i would write you guys a little guide. im starting off simple, this will be a cooking guide from 1-99 all f2p.

First off lets go over some tips!!

Best cooking places:
Active world Grand Exchange - If you don't lag in the GE like I do this is the best, almost always someone making fires very close to the GE which will speed it up
Edgeville - As far as F2P goes this is bar far a great place to cook. Range is directly west of the bank in the nearby building. the door closes about every 3 runs if you pay attention to it, so its not bad, and all walking can be done with the minimap in 1 click.

If you will be fishing some of it, especially the tuna, lobbies, and swordfish, on karamja there is a man who will turn your raw fish into notes, allowing you to stay on the island and not have to bank. this man is located south of the volcano entrance by the water.

Level 1-50

Whatever you can get your hands on. cook bread, shrimp, crayfish, basically anything. You will be burning thing! This portion is actually pretty easy, and can help you with your fishing skill as well if you catch everything you cook.

Level 50-59

2,094 to be exact

At level 50 you stop burning trout so this is where you start cooking with a purpose. If you don't burn anything you don't lose any experience. This is the plan to level 99
You can continue to fish if you want, or buy everything from here on out.

Cost: 56,538 gp*
Sells: 52,350 gp*
Total lost: 4,188 gp*

Level 59-65

2,240 to be exact

At lvl 59 you stop burning Salmon, so this is logically the next step.

Cost: 154,560 gp*
Sells: 154,560 gp*
Total lost: 0 gp*

Level 65-74

6,469 to be exact

At lvl 65 you stop burning tuna, so this is logically the next step.

Cost: 653,369 gp*
Sells: 588,679 gp*
Total lost: 64,690 gp*

Level 74-86

20,846 to be exact

At level 74 you stop burning tuna, so this is logically the next step. This is where it slows down, but don't let that discourage you! I am currently on this step with like 8,000 lobster to go.

Cost: 4,398,506 gp*
Sells: 3,418,744 gp*
Total lost: 979,762 gp*

Level 86-99

67,405 to be exact

Now this is going to take quite a long time. 67k fish is a lot of cooking, if you going 28 at a time its gunna take you 2,408 trips. Be prepared, and for goodness sake, take breaks!
This portion is also the most expensive, so i suggest doing it in sections, like if you going to take breaks every 5,000, only buy 5,000 at a time, this will keep you from having to drop 31M all at once

Cost: 31,747,755 gp*
Sells: 29,860,415 gp*
Total lost: 1,887,340 gp*

WOO!! Level 99!!!

so your total cost after you sold everything is just under 3M, so its not that bad price wise. and to be honest most people will fish about half of it which will actually get you profit in the long run.

Anyway if you do get it, or if you already have 99 cooking: CONGRATS!

It's not a hard skill but hey, it takes dedication to get a 99 so dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

*all prices are totally subject to change. Those listed are from Sept. 12, 2010 at 7:30pm PST, and are Grand exchange medium price

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tube noob

So today me and a buddy where playing Modern Warfare 2. I don't normally play with real life friends because well, I don't play that often. Anyways, while playing he said "your such a tube noob!" And I shortly thereafter realized that yes I am a tube noob. I spend more time running out and shooting tubes, followed by quickly dying then anything else.

So I decided to learn other aspects of the game and removed the tube from my gun and tryed just shooting people. Needless to say I still died.

So I came to realize I really suck at MW2. Being the casual gamer I am I never really cared about stats or kill to death ratios, I just played and had fun. So while playing with my friend I noticed I would get like 5 kills and like 15 deaths per match. He came out with like a 10 kill average and something like 5 deaths per game. So yeah he's. Pretty much better than me

So anyways, I'm gunna experiment with diffrent weapons and see how my kill to death ratio goes. And ill add some footage of my play if I can get some. Hopefully someone will benifit from my complete and uder suckness.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Runescape and you!

As a casual gamer you probably don't like to pay a lot of money for a sometimes hobby right? Well that also seems to get in the way of your gaming too huh? because really who wants to spend $15 a month on memberships, $50 on a new game, or in general hundreds of dollars on equipment and other supplies (we gotta think of caffeine and sugar!)

Well thats where RuneScape comes in. RuneScape is, if you don't already know, a MMORPG that has options to play the game without ever paying. There are a few downsides to this though. For example, every time you play there is a JavaScript ad running above the game window. This ad can become very annoying at times, especially if your like me and have a laptop with less barely half a gig of RAM, its distracting, and slows your computer down when they are moving and doing all sorts of nonsense.

Well here is RuneScape 101 for those pesky ads:
on either side of the add there is a small image that says "advert" as well as a question mark. Click that question mark and copy down the advert ID. next follow the directions in that same window with the ID and report all the moving, and downright annoying ads that slow down your computer. This will get JaGeX to review these ads and remove them from appearing again, making RuneScape a safe place once again!

Now this isn't the only thing that gets annoying when playing the "Free To Play," or F2P version of RuneScape. In an F2P server you can only do so much, the P2P (Pay to Play) version has something like eight more skills, several different minigames, and over a hundred more quests, not to mention the areas you can explore in P2P dwarfs the F2P map. Now for $5.95 a month to get all those options seems like a steal, but being the casual gamers we are, is $6 a month really worth it when you only play an hour a day, if that? And not only that, its only $6 if you live in certain countries, and pay with a credit card. now there are several ways to pay instead of using a credit card, but some reach up to $10 a month.

But Overall for a game with thousands of hours of gameplay, and many things to do even if you are a F2P noob, you gotta say, this is a great game for the casual gamer.