Sunday, September 12, 2010

Runescape cooking for the F2P

so i figured i would write you guys a little guide. im starting off simple, this will be a cooking guide from 1-99 all f2p.

First off lets go over some tips!!

Best cooking places:
Active world Grand Exchange - If you don't lag in the GE like I do this is the best, almost always someone making fires very close to the GE which will speed it up
Edgeville - As far as F2P goes this is bar far a great place to cook. Range is directly west of the bank in the nearby building. the door closes about every 3 runs if you pay attention to it, so its not bad, and all walking can be done with the minimap in 1 click.

If you will be fishing some of it, especially the tuna, lobbies, and swordfish, on karamja there is a man who will turn your raw fish into notes, allowing you to stay on the island and not have to bank. this man is located south of the volcano entrance by the water.

Level 1-50

Whatever you can get your hands on. cook bread, shrimp, crayfish, basically anything. You will be burning thing! This portion is actually pretty easy, and can help you with your fishing skill as well if you catch everything you cook.

Level 50-59

2,094 to be exact

At level 50 you stop burning trout so this is where you start cooking with a purpose. If you don't burn anything you don't lose any experience. This is the plan to level 99
You can continue to fish if you want, or buy everything from here on out.

Cost: 56,538 gp*
Sells: 52,350 gp*
Total lost: 4,188 gp*

Level 59-65

2,240 to be exact

At lvl 59 you stop burning Salmon, so this is logically the next step.

Cost: 154,560 gp*
Sells: 154,560 gp*
Total lost: 0 gp*

Level 65-74

6,469 to be exact

At lvl 65 you stop burning tuna, so this is logically the next step.

Cost: 653,369 gp*
Sells: 588,679 gp*
Total lost: 64,690 gp*

Level 74-86

20,846 to be exact

At level 74 you stop burning tuna, so this is logically the next step. This is where it slows down, but don't let that discourage you! I am currently on this step with like 8,000 lobster to go.

Cost: 4,398,506 gp*
Sells: 3,418,744 gp*
Total lost: 979,762 gp*

Level 86-99

67,405 to be exact

Now this is going to take quite a long time. 67k fish is a lot of cooking, if you going 28 at a time its gunna take you 2,408 trips. Be prepared, and for goodness sake, take breaks!
This portion is also the most expensive, so i suggest doing it in sections, like if you going to take breaks every 5,000, only buy 5,000 at a time, this will keep you from having to drop 31M all at once

Cost: 31,747,755 gp*
Sells: 29,860,415 gp*
Total lost: 1,887,340 gp*

WOO!! Level 99!!!

so your total cost after you sold everything is just under 3M, so its not that bad price wise. and to be honest most people will fish about half of it which will actually get you profit in the long run.

Anyway if you do get it, or if you already have 99 cooking: CONGRATS!

It's not a hard skill but hey, it takes dedication to get a 99 so dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

*all prices are totally subject to change. Those listed are from Sept. 12, 2010 at 7:30pm PST, and are Grand exchange medium price


  1. Not planning to play Runescape any time soon. No more MMOs for me please.

  2. what is this i dont even? well supporting anyway keep it up

  3. I havent played this in so long, but well done on the calculations. I used to just fish and bring the fire equiptment with me, cook it on the spot then drop. It was free, but it took sooooooo loooooooong! Showing my support

  4. lol might have to start playing that game again... following you so i can look up these tips all the time..

  5. Great blog, I miss playing RS alot actually lol. Simpler times.
    Definitely following/supporting, keep it up!

  6. when runescape was cool it was all about the automouse and scamming, but supporting.

  7. Used to love that game, keep it coming!

  8. i loved mmorpgs till my GF left me for a dude she met over WoW. ruined my life

  9. My nephew plays runescape... I'll show him your blog!

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